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For several years, there has been a general shift in the mood of the interior design industry as we move away from a throw-away culture. “Artisanal’” has become a keyword in interiors with a resurgence of organic shapes, natural fibers, hand woven or screen-printed textiles & hand-crafted accessories. In fact, we wrote about it here last year. Artisans will always be the very foundation of this Series, highlighting those who inspire us with their creative use of pattern, texture & color in strikingly insightful ways.

So this week we wanted to highlight a Q&A with Brooklyn-based Fabric designer, Michele Dopp who introduced four new patterns in 2016 to her urban themed collection, Fabric and Steel. The Dumbo-based designer continues to amaze us with the rhythms and patterns that she experiences daily in her vibrant neighborhood.

Michele’s new designs, all printed on upholstery and drapery weight Belgian linen, include the following: Trestle – inspired by the intricate structure of the Manhattan Bridge, available in two colorways. Transit – inspired by the movement of subways and cars that traverse the same bridge, available in two colorways. Coast – inspired by the movement of wild grasses found in Brooklyn Bridge Park along the East River waterfront, available in two colorways. Vine – inspired by wildflowers growing in the same neighborhood waterfront park, available in two colorways.

In their own words:

“F&S fabrics reflect the relationship between the ephemeral interior and the more permanent exterior of designed spaces. The combination of beautiful, rough, architectural materials and the art of refined, intimate design is the foundation of the line.”


Image/ Fabric & Steel

Vicki Gladle Bolick: What initially attracted you to textiles as a medium?

Michele Dopp: I love the inherent intimacy we share with textiles. There is no other art form that lives with us in quite the same way. We feel their textures, admire their beauty…they become part of our movements, our spaces, our conversations. They have the ability to comfort and to inspire.

VGB: I’ve noticed that many creatives have a process they go through to spark and inspire their imaginations. What is yours?

MD: Taking long walks and listening to music.

VGB: Who or what are your design influences?

MD: I’m heavily influenced by architecture (mostly modern and industrial) and its relationship to the urbanscape, landscape or negative space around the built environment. I love the variety of perspectives and conversations that exist between these natural and manufactured entities and I try to bring these happenings into my fabric collections.

VGB: How would you describe your collections in three words?

MD: Movement. Experience. Conversation.

VGB: What areas of your life and environments have inspired your creations?

MD: Living in New York City (and Brooklyn in particular) has guided much of my design work. The constant energy, monumental urbanscape and dynamic character of the city are endless sources of inspiration.

VGB: Are there particular textures, fabric & colors that you enjoy working with?

MD: The Fabric and Steel line is all about linen and neutral colors. I use a range of weights and different textures of linen – something to live with and love daily. The neutrals that I use are quiet or bold, but always elegant.

VGB: Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

MD “The truth is, of course, that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time. “ -David Bowie

VGB: The one thing you can’t live without?

Two things: Curiosity and Laughter.


Image/ Fabric & Steel


Image/ Fabric & Steel

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Image/ Fabric & Steel


Image/ Fabric & Steel


Image/ Fabric & Steel


Image/ Fabric & Steel


Image/ Fabric & Steel


Image/ Fabric & Steel


Image/ Fabric & Steel

If you’d like more information about the Fabric & Steel Collection, or Michele Dopp please visit their website at Fabric & Steel.

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