CURATED :: 12 Sheepskin Chairs to Cozy Up In

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This is the year of change in our house. There are so many things that we hope to accomplish in 2016, even though we plan to move in the next few years. I feel that it should never hold anyone back from turning their home into a dream space. We’ve finished the Master bath last year (see here), and in 2016, I’m looking at a whole house transformation. Thanks to the many brands I work with, we’ll be updating drapery, bedding, several powder rooms, a deck, and our dining & living areas, and so much more. And I’ll be chronicling it all on the blog in a new year-long series. While my focus has always been on a “luxury lifestyle,” I’m also a firm believer that a “luxe” look can be achieved through the use of textiles & finishes at any price point.

It’s become very apparent throughout my travels that people crave smaller spaces, gone are the expansive manses of years past. The days of living large are slowly making way to homes with smaller footprints (see here). People want to live better, not bigger. Personally, we made a conscious decision to forgo square footage, and I dare say if I had to change one thing about our home, it’s the layout. (Yes, I’m not a fan of open floor plans).  You’ll be seeing the progress of our projects throughout the year, our goal is to maximize the style quotient at Casa B.  As a designer I’ve always been a firm believer that it’s not about how much you spend but how you spend it.

This is the first of a new series “CURATED,” which is entirely devoted to creating a luxe feel in your home, at any price point.

One of my favorite ways of adding a “luxe feel” to a room is through texture. What tops my list? Sheepskin (either faux or real). I love to throw them on chairs or at the foot of a bed in cooler months (or year round in Northern climates). There is little that compares to the comfort sheepskin brings to a room (unless it’s a cozy fire). It’s luxurious while adding natural elegance.

Should you go faux or real..?

That is a burning question open for debate. There are certainly a wide array of faux fur products available on the market giving the appearance of the real thing. As with anything invest in the best quality that you can possibly afford. Look for faux furs that are plush and natural looking in color and appearance, and don’t compromise. There are some truly stellar examples that I have seen as a Trend Scout, and other than sheepskin I tend to lean more toward faux fur for throws and pillows. Natural sheepskin can last for years, in fact, one of my favorite vintage coats is long haired Mongolian circa 1960.


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