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Last year I decided it was time to honor those over 50 who have made and continue to make invaluable contributions in the field of design. They are a rarefied group of industry leaders who are leaving behind distinctive footprints that are as important as the career paths they have chosen. Some are CEO’s, heads of publishing houses, or those who work in academia. Some are well-known, and some are not. But, they all share a common denominator-the advancement of the design industry. Traditionally, age groups under 50 are recognized simply for the potential of future achievements. Yet, what about those who have not only ascended the summit but are onto scaling the next? This group is redefining age and are comprised of trendsetters, tastemakers & cutting edge pioneers. Inarguably, redesigning their futures, and ours

So it is a great honor to interview Randy Rubin, Chairman of Crypton®. I first met Randy last year at High Point, and needless to say, she is extremely accomplished, charismatic and inspirational. Down-to-earth charm coupled with a fierce passion. And she has given design one of it’s greatest gifts. Crypton® Fabric.

If you aren’t familiar with Crypton®, let me take a moment to provide a backstory. Crypton® Fabric is the brainchild of Randy and her husband Craig, and in 1993 they devised an “ingenious plan” in the basement of their Michigan home. ‘The “super” duo wanted a fabric that could stand up to “life’s messes” and still be touchable and beautiful. A fabric that would “change the way many people live their lives.” And, needless to say, their mission was accomplished.

Crypton® is still a family-owned business now selling products worldwide. They have a wide range of indoor & outdoor performance products that are not only soft but have superior stain resistency. I witnessed several Crypton® “spill tests” from red wine to ketchup and marker, after a simple cleaning process the stains disappeared. Crypton® truly has revolutionized the fabric industry with varying levels of stain protection depending on where they will be used. Maintaining the beauty of  upholstered furnishings hasn’t always been easy, but thankfully to Randy Rubin & her husband, it is now.

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What is one character trait that is essential to success? 


 The biggest accomplishment over 50? 

I am most proud of being a grandmother and establishing a “Grandma Tuesday” afternoon as our special day— non-negotiable. I spend it with them afterschool and never cancel because of my ever crazy, busy schedule.    

A book heroine that you would most like to be. 

This might sound a little odd, but I carry admiration for Scarlet O’Hara.  If you think about it she was an amazingly strong woman in a very challenging time. Plus…she was gorgeous! 

Favorite Quote? 

“Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.”

 What person most inspires you?

Myron Burnes, one of the great Harvard MBA graduates, came into my life when I was running programs to help women.  This is a man who fought hard at Harvard to increase the number of women and minorities to be able to attend the school. He received many accolades and a special chair from Harvard, but this was never remotely his motivation. He was a marketing genius behind television shows and famous products like the “Money Machine.” He loved me very much and his words of wisdom were incredible especially when I felt like I was losing ground. He was old when I met him, passed away several years ago but I still hear his voice. “Stop worrying, start thinking.”

What do you wish people would do more of? 

I wish people would stop looking at their cell phones and look into people’s eyes, smile and be engaging. 

 A character trait that you dislike most in people?

I cannot stand people who lie. They spend more time covering their tracks than trying to make things right. 

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice before you reached the age of 50, what would it be? 

I wish I took my mother’s advice about men—she was right about my first husband but I thought I knew better.  Of course, the marriage ended in divorce.

Favorite Charity? 

My favorite charity is the Mayo Clinic. I go there for annual executive physicals and look around at so many people who come to this amazing place as a last resort.  The Clinic is run with such a phenomenal spirit and each person that works there—from famous doctors to the janitors–is on the same mission to make you feel better.   

An item on your “bucket list” (that you haven’t achieved yet).

When we began our company almost 25 years ago my goal was to make Crypton Super Fabric a household name.  I want us to be the Gortex of furniture fabric.


Photo courtesy/ Crypton®

Just a sampling of life events & stains on Crypton® fabrics and all can be easily removed. 

As a side note: Last Week Crypton® announced that it’s performance fabrics are now available at Pottery Barn, the 1st partnership with a global chain. Starting this month EVERYDAYLINEN™ performance fabric, is available on any of Pottery Barn’s upholstered furniture. A fabric that is soft durable & stain resistant. Please visit www.crypton.com to find out more about the entire performance fabric line or to find a National Partner nearest you.


Photo credit/ Crypton®

Crypton fabric at Pottery Barn.

A very special thanks to Randy Rubin, Chairman of Crypton®, for being so incredibly gracious and taking part in our Series.

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