First, I want to thank everyone who commented on my post this week about our daughter. I hope that I inspired others to become involved in foster care whether it’s through volunteering, donations to local agencies, or fostering. There are so many children in the system, who just need to know that they are loved. One place that fights the good fight, and is close to our hearts is SAFFT (Supporting Adoptive and Foster Families Together). They are tireless crusaders for foster children, and if you would like to make a monetary donation please visit

I know you may be wondering about the title of this post, it’s not about a body of water, but about a company that is located an ocean away, in one of my favorite places-Great Britan. I’m so obsessed with anything British, that I would even pay someone to help me perfect the most cultured of accents. Unfortunately, Mr. B. would never allow that to happen since he thinks I have barely mastered the English language, (talk about raining on my parade). In fact, I think that one of my all time favorite Brits-Martyn Lawrence-Bullard would positively hide from me, considering I asked him to record the voicemail on my cell. He was game at the time, but mysteriously something came up and he was called away, never to return (I think he owes me one).

I was up early this morning, and of course the first thing that I absolutely had to do while sipping away on my cup of java is read the Daily News (Okay, I generally only read entertainment and gossip sites). Featured prominently on the front page was HRH Princess Catherine in front of Bernard Thorp, one of my absolutely favorite makers of custom printed fabrics and wallpaper. She certainly has good taste…(of course marrying the future King of England doesn’t hurt). So here is a sampling of the wonderful world of Bernard Thorp.

via Bernard Thorp

A tiny peek into the shop…..

via Bernard Thorp

I’m usually not crazy about Chevron, but this is so stunning that I believe I’ve changed my mind.

via Bernard Thorp

Need a closer look?

via Bernard Thorp

The striped velvet on the loveseat is simply gorgeous (how often do we see patterned  velvet?), and since it’s a neutral it would work amazingly well with so many colours.

via Bernard Thorp

I died a thousand times over when I saw this picture. I would fly over the pond and back to get those drapes in my home.

via Bernard Thorp

I’m not sure what I am enamoured with more, the lion on the wall or the floral print on the chair.

 Courtesy of Bernard Thorp

If I had to pick a fun pallete to update Casa B. it would be, #1-Tunisca in Bracia on drapery, #2-Allison Circles in Bracia on throw pillows, and #3-A mix of their cut velvets, definitely the lilac on a sofa.

I hope you enjoyed this brief visit into the world of Bernard Thorp, they are distributed in the U.S. through Stark, and if you are looking for refined and stylish patterns this company is worth a look…

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Have an amazing weekend! Cheerio!