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“I went to a garden party…” last week at a fabulous little restaurant in Decatur, GA. It was for the launch of the outdoor collection for Birch Lane and also to meet Meredith Mahoney who is the creative vision behind the year+ old company, which is also a subsidiary of Wayfair. The tabletops were designed with product from Birch Lane, each with its distinct colour scheme and florals, one in shades of robin egg blue and silver, and the other with rich purples and gold. The table settings were the perfect backdrop for dining alfresco under the stars and twinkle lights. Ah…starry, starry nights. Several long tables showcased the place settings from Birch Lane, complete with stunning floral designs and place-cards hand drawn in the most beautiful cursive, a personal touched often overlooked when planning a dinner party. This intimate gathering was enjoyable and memorable; I’ve always been a firm believer that thoughtful gestures encourage guests to feel relaxed and mingle.

Although, I was fashionably late, (traffic and distance) I was still able to reconnect with friends I see far too infrequently and make new acquaintances. One of my dinner companions was Jessica Dauler (@Jessicashops) a regular on Star 94.1 and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who shares tips on fashion, beauty and dining. While she and her friend left far too soon, I was still able to garner a few shopping tips that will serve me well when I start investing in a summer wardrobe (how lucky was I?). There is always a silver lining to most things in life and getting seated next to Atlanta’s shopping guru was an unexpected treat. I want to thank Meredith Mahoney, Creative Director of Birch Lane and also Kate Margolis for being the perfect hosts.

The conversation flowed as did the perfect pairings of wine and haute cuisine. With balmy weather, gorgeous tablescapes and enjoyable conversation it was worth the hours long drive in rush hour traffic and a pair of too high Tory Birch wedges. I want to share some of the tabletop decors to inspire you to create your garden inspired dinner party. Also, look for more entertaining and dining posts from The Ace of Entertaining. We’ll be doing some videos toward the later part of the summer, and I can’t wait for the big reveal. I do want to mention that all of the dinnerware can be found at Birch Lane.


Photo/ Vicki Gladle Bolick/ The Ace of Space

Rich purples and polished gold…


Photo/ Kate Margolis

The perfect dinner party…


 Photo/ Vicki Gladle Bolick

Inspired pairings…


Photo/ Kate Margolis

The floral displays were stunning, and I loved the mix of purples with deeper cobalt blues…


Photo/ Vicki Gladle Bolick

A less formal mix with Mason jars drinking glasses, stoneware plates and Hydrangeas. 


 Photo/ Kate Margolis

My favourite colors…shades of blue.


Photo/ Kate Margolis



Photo/ Kate Margolis

It’s all about the details…

Sweet summertime is right around the corner, and if you want to purchase anything from the garden party visit

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