The “I’m Not Writing About Design Today” Post

by | Jun 29, 2013 | Bolick Interiors Portfolio, My Life | 6 comments

I’m not writing about design today due to a self-imposed strike. So I’ll just talk about my crazy (and I mean “crazy as a loon”) week. I know Mercury is still in “Retrograde” so as the week progressed, my Thursday wasn’t much better than my Wednesday because the stars decided to misbehave once again.

1) I unknowingly wore my shirt inside-out to the horse farm to drop off the Fashionista for camp. Quite frankly the whole time I was there, I kept thinking “Boy, these kids must really like my shirt, ” because they were all looking at me, while smiling and nudging each other. So later when I went to pick her up, I asked her what the kids thought of my shirt. Only to be deflated when she said “Mommy they were laughing because you had your shirt inside out.” Ouch.

2) I worked out for the first time in months (hey, we’re going to the beach in a week) and as good ole “lady luck” would have it, the only elliptical machine available was next to me, and the neighborhood version of Jillian Michaels moved in to take it. It didn’t help that she has had more things nipped and tucked than Queen Elizabeth’s wedding dress….and I had on a stained T-Shirt and baggy shorts. Of course, I got a look which clearly said “Look in the mirror much?” Men did you know that women can have internal dialogue with each other?…and then I thought “Okay, Mrs. Mom Jeans” (not really I think she wears “Seven for Mankind”), wait until tomorrow…Have you ever heard of Tory Burch? Huh? Because that’s what I’ll be wearing…Snap! (Oh wait, does Tory Burch even make workout gear?).

3) Mr. B turned all the lights off in the house (while I was at the gym defending myself), and he went to bed during the middle of an Atlanta Tsunami. Is there a sudden rule that lights go out at 9:00PM? Is Mercury’s Retrograde effecting men too? He’s suddenly worried about global warming and the effects of leaving a light on? So I trip over the life size grape vine reindeer (which we haven’t found a place for except on our front lawn over Christmas), do an aerial, maybe even a back-flip, knock over seven bikes lined up like domino’s in our garage, and then land in a puddle of water. All he can say when I unleash my Dr. Phil sized tirade is “What lights?” Even the Fashionista got in the game, by explaining to Mr. B. that “Everyone knows that girl eyes don’t work as well in the dark as boy eyes.” Exactly.

4) At 1AM this morning our resident Beagle, starts licking my face to go outside. I nudge Mr. B., okay I’m still mad so I probably tried to push him off the bed (no response as does his best “I’m in a Coma” impression). Then I get up, go downstairs and open the door only to realize the “World’s Largest Green Tree Frog” that has taken up residence on our front door, actually hopped into our house. What did I do? I screamed, and I’m pretty sure it was heard around the world. So where is the frog now? Lurking somewhere inside Casa B. and as far as I’m concerned he can make himself right at home, because the Fashionista left strawberries out all week and our house is now swarming with fruit flies. So, while “Mercury is in Retrograde” I’m taking the rest of the day off, and the frog? Why he’s got lots to eat..

Started off my day with a little java…

Followed by a trip to the barn…hey wake up “sleepy head!” Want to ride into the sunset?

Then the rest of the day, lazily floating around the pool…ah…this is the life.

Have a great weekend….