Lights, Action And Fabulous Ceiling Lights

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I’m on the hunt for three new ceiling lights at Casa B. two for the new Master-bath, and one for the guest room. I’d say the exhaustive search has been going on for at least three years or more. Originally I was going to put a Hicks Pendant in the guest room, then the worst thing that could happen did. It ended up in just about every home that graced the pages of every shelter magazine that I subscribe to and in numerous photos floating around on the internet. I say that with more than a hint of jealousy and frustration. Of course, that meant the search began again (because the Hicks Light went the way of the Schoolhouse Light, every lucky soul has one). I crave the unique and different. The fun side of me wanted to put a disco ball in the guest room, (the only person that really uses it is my mother-in-law and well…let’s not go there). Tommy Hilfiger gave me the idea when I saw one in his Miami Beach home (he can afford to have a lot of fun), but the practical side of me thinks I should keep up the search. Then I went to HGTV’s Urban Oasis and have been obsessing over the ceiling light from Golden Lighting. At over 2K, it’s going to be a very hard sell to Mr. B. However, there are other contenders and yes I am the type that always thinks something better is going to come along (sound familiar?). My pining for the perfect light explains the gaping hole in the middle of the ceiling in the guest room. Not big enough to swallow my mother-in-law, although she says it is. However, it is a reminder that I need to find the ultimate ceiling light. At the very least before January 2015 when I have to reveal the guest-room in Taylor Burke Home’s “Style It Challenge.” Yes, I’m honoured to say that I was one of the five bloggers chosen to participate, and with One Kings Lane as a partner and some serious talent, I’m feeling just a little pressure. We are (happily) required to use the iconic x-bench in a design, we had to pick a room (the guest room is my top choice), and then we reveal it at the beginning of the year. Of the five of us, they’ll be choosing a winner. I’d like to say “game-on”, but all the bloggers are so nice that I’m just thrilled to be picked. Where’s my competitive spirit? Oh, it’s here, it’s just resting for a bit before the push starts.


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Sculptural lighting is so hot right now, and its obvious why. I would gladly use one of  the”Cloud Ball” lights over the guest bed.


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Boca Dolobo has some positively stunning examples of scultural lighting, I dream of the Newton lamp in our guest room. 



The Cassini light would give the right amount of glam to the space.


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This stunner is number one on my list of lights for our upcoming Master-bath project which is scheduled to start next week…


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Or I may go with brass in the guestroom, who doesn’t love Jonathan Adler?


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This is another option for the Master-bath, it has the right amount of glam and modern sensibility…

Soon, I’ll reveal my final choice…I just have to consult with Mr. B. (just to make him feel part of the process)…Also, we are excited to announce a brand new series starting soon. It’s called “Design Crushin” and we will interview a designer who will reveal their design crush, of whom will be the subject of the next interview and it will be continued indefinitely. It’s going to be fun to reveal each designers crush at the end of each post, and of course I’ll be starting it off with my design crush. I’m waiting to hear back from his P/R person. It’s going to be great fun, and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for more design inspiration…

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