The Alternative to Paints:: Natural Clay Plasters

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Design | 13 comments

The definition of luxury has shifted, and in an age of fast-paced living and technology, our homes are now defined by comfort, wellness, and lifestyle trends such as Hygge and Lagom.  Homeowners seek a welcome sanctuary and an escape from the unpredictable where we can feel cocooned and safe.

There is a growing need for respite and escapism, allowing occupants to feel relaxed and protected from all that is taking place in the outside world.

Design is changing.

We are beginning to see more hyper-sensorial, yet simple schemes based on raw, yet rich materials. Where all surfaces look richly textured, feeling soft and warm to the touch.

A soft, neutral color range so sophisticated walls seem to blend seamlessly into ceilings and vice-versa, while tactility keeps them from looking too minimal.

It’s the concept of slow living fused with the luxuries of calm, privacy and healthy natural living that was at the core of a design featured in a recently renovated Irish home.

Enter Clayworks, a manufacturer of a unique blend of natural clay plaster for the architectural and interior design industries. The Clayworks team spent hours at their Cornwall base conceptualizing a new finish for the walls of this house, using natural minerals within the plasters. The aim to create a finish that would help the interior feel warm, welcoming and human, even before a single piece of furniture goes in.

The owner of the house, who specified the use of Clayworks said: ‘I researched clay for two reasons: firstly the aesthetics. I’ve always loved the tactile nature of the finish. I don’t need pictures on the walls. A room is alive and ever changing when finished in clay, which you can’t achieve with paint which is uniform and static (and dead!). Clay also provides an instant aged look and feel. Secondly, the health benefits which were a big draw and fit into the organic project…”

Tranquil, refined, the elegant, simplicity in this home is achieved by bringing out the natural colors, forms, and textures inherent in other organic materials, such as wood. Playing naturally with light and air quality in the damp Irish climate, clay can help create an illusion that is enhanced by a patina that absorbs light and does not glare.

I think we’ll begin to see more natural wall textures such as clay used in interior design projects, not only for the health benefits (which a huge plus) but also for its timeless visual appeal. It’s truly one of my favorite looks outside of wallpapers. For other stunning projects by Clayworks, you can visit their website here.

All images courtesy of Clayworks.