Step Inside this Stunning Modern Zen Kitchen

Designer, Sherry Hope Kennedy-Studio SHK  balances warmth and liveability in this modern zen kitchen designed for a young growing family. Taking cues from the father’s Japanese heritage combined with the mother’s love of travel, Kennedy juxtaposed clean, modern lines with traditional touches. A palette of grey tones is set against a backdrop of natural elements including, a wood planked ceiling, wood cabinetry, and honed marble countertops. 

The mix of modern and natural materials coupled with muted tones is meant to be both striking and soothing. A backsplash laid out in a herringbone pattern adds a subtle layer of texture while pendant lighting adds depth. Natural light floods the kitchen via perimeter windows, creating a zen-like setting, layered in warm woods and soothing colors.

Designer/ Sherry Hope Kennedy-Studio SHK

A wood planked ceiling provides a stunning backdrop in this light-filled kitchen. The neutral color story creates warmth and sense of zen calm.

Designer/ Sherry Hope Kennedy-Studio SHK

The delicate layering of tones and finishes provides warmth, a larger floor plan and an abundance of light prevents this kitchen from feeling dark and heavy.

Designer/ Sherry Hope Kennedy-Studio SHK

Honed granite countertops reflects natural light from the perimeter windows. A seamless transition to the outdoors.

Designer/ Sherry Hope Kennedy-Studio SHK

The herringbone pattern of the backsplash adds a modern touch, perfectly juxtaposed against the simple beauty of this zen-inspired kitchen.

Designer/ Sherry Hope Kennedy-Studio SHK

Warmth is achieved in this kitchen by a skillful layering of wood tones, the natural graining of the wood provides movement and visual interest.

Designer/ Sherry Hope Kennedy-Studio SHK

The wooden cabinets are reminiscent of traditional Japanese storage pieces, combining minimalism with functionality.

Designer/ Sherry Hope Kennedy-Studio SHK

This zen kitchen is a quiet study in the beauty of natural elements… 

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