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I’m just back from attending the West Coast Art & Frame Expo as part of the 2016 Bloggers Tour. It was truly an incredible experience lead by industry tastemakers Jill & Steve McKenzie, and quite frankly I will never look at framing in the same light again. Framing a piece of art is truly a form of artistry, and in a few weeks time, I’ll be sharing more on my incredible experience. In this case “what happened in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas.” At least, as it pertains to framing. The rest stays in Vegas.

I also attended the World Market, a home furnishing show, and it was through one of our stops (Selamat Designs) that I became reacquainted with the work of Florence Broadhurst, a colorful if not controversial  60’s socialite whose textile designs continue to adorn homes around the world. Her story reads like a Victorian novel full of intrigue and suspense, and even an unsolved murder. Born at the turn of the 19th century, in Queensland, Australia she was known for being well ahead of her time, living a life colorfully infused with dizzying details. A multi-talented enigma she began her mercurial rise as a singer in the early 20’s eventually performing in India and Southeast Asia, and in 1926, she founded a modern Academy of Arts in Shanghai. Her riveting story continued as she moved to London reinventing herself as an alter-ego known as Madame Pellier, running a dress salon until 1933. After spending more than a decade in the UK, 60-year-old Florence returned to Australia, launching a high-end wallpaper studio. Thankfully, for the design industry her iconic works have recently experienced a resurgence in popularity (along with interest in Broadhurst’s colorful if not somewhat scandalous life). Did I mention murder? Sadly, the “mother of reinvention” was murdered tragically in the 70’s. But her exquisite wallpaper & textile designs still continue to grace walls, furnishings and floors of homes around the world. And if I were to live my life in color let it be though the brash, adventurous & flamboyant lens of Florence Broadhurst eyes.

‘I was once asked “How do you know you are living?” And I said, “I I know I am living.”-

Florence Broadhurst

Here is just a small sampling of her timeless designs…


All images via Kate Spade/ Image of Florence from

From wallpaper to wallets, Florence Broadhurst’s influence is still strong.






Kellie Murray via Real Living

Living room wall in “Japanese Bamboo.”


“Peacock Feathers” in the home of Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman.





Japanese floral wallpaper by Florence Broadhurst in an interior by Katie Ridder…


Manhattan Townhome/ DHD Interiors-Florence Broadhurst “Peacock Feathers.”

The wallpaper is Silver Mylar from Florence Broadhurst in the home of Daphne Guiness.

If you’d find out more about Florence Broadhurst, you can visit the website here.

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