There are a few things that make a successful designer in this town-incredible TALENT, “rapier” wit, an engaging personality, and a discerning sense of style. That is how I would describe Jimmy Stanton, the latest subject of our “Ace Around Town” series, did I mention that he is beyond funny? In all honesty I couldn’t possible write about the greatest designers on the eastern seaboard unless I wrote about Jimmy. His signature mix of old and new has graced the pages of high end design magazines, show houses, and the homes of those lucky enough to hire him. Think rustic woods paired with stylish linen upholstery in classic lines, bold pillow combinations, and statement lighting. This “laid back luxe with a twist style” defines a brand of design associated with Stanton Home Furnishings. It all began when this design powerhouse hit the Atlanta scene about 12 years ago, he rented a 10×10 booth at Scotts Antique Market selling custom pillows. Not surprisingly his sales hit a cool 5K in the first month, and the rest is history- a move to Decatur, (where I first met him as his store was conveniently located at the end of my street), then Edgewood on the Westside of Atlanta and the opening recently of a second location in trendy Virginia Highlands (it’s actually been a year and a half, but notably I do not have a concept of time) where we met up for an afternoon of storytelling, reminiscing and lots of laughs…

“The Ace”- So Jimmy the one thing that I’ve noticed is that you use some really cool color combinations, how would you describe your style? By the way, I love the teal pillows mixed with the limey green on the sofa over there, it’s so unexpected…

“Mixing old and new in a modern way. For example traditional patterns and textures with unexpected color gives it a more modern vibe. I like to create a tasteful, expensive look, while making it affordable. When we did the AH &L Symphony Showhouse recently people thought that everything was so expensive, and they were shocked when I told them the price point. You can mix a piece or two that are expensive, and the rest can be a more moderate price point without sacrificing the look.”

“The Ace”-Who was your favorite client?

Rene & Charles Wender. I was referred to them by another client, and they gave me total free rein, I picked out everything from the paint to the draperies. They literally flew in from their house in Texas, we met, and over the next few weeks we did the entire space right down candles burning when they moved in…Then two years later we did their house in Texas, they were so nice to work with, it was the perfect project. (As designer’s we live for the words “carte blanche”).

“The Ace”- Who inspires you?

“Alex Vervoordt. He’s handsdown my favorite. He does a “primitive” look, but it comes off modern. He’s an antiques dealer in Belgium and lives in a huge castle with his wife, who is coming out with a cookbook soon. Then I would say Steven Gambrel, what I like about him is that everything he does looks different. He can do a house in the country, and then a house in the city, going from laid back to modern. Also, I’m inspired by Bunny Williams.”

An “Ace” Side Note: After leaving the store, (and doing a little cyber research)  I have been obsessing over Alex Vervoordt, hopefully we can meet up in Belgium (at his castle) for a leisurely afternoon of conversation…

“The Ace” -Where are the trends going in 2014?

“A lot of brighter colors, lots of textures-velvets have gotten really popular. Antique brass is still going to be big.”

“The Ace” -Are you a big trend follower?

“We might incorporate a few things, but we sell everything off the floor so we’ll add trend colors in the pillows or accessories,I like to keep the bigger pieces, casegoods, upholstery more timeless by using neutrals. I don’t like to commit too heavily to trends.”

“The Ace”- What is one piece of design advice that you could offer to my readers?

“If you want to re-do a space…I would say change the paint, it can totally transform a room.”

“The Ace” –Okay what’s your favorite color?

“I love a grey from Aura Infinity it’s called Pashmina, we used it in the Arthur Blank Showhouse, and everyone kept commenting on it…Then when AH&L asked us to do Foxhall we painted the entire house in Pashmina (AF100), and we literally got tons of calls asking what the paint color was…it’s my favorite go to color.”

An “Ace” side note: I looked at the color on my paint deck, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m thinking the Fashionista’s playroom…

The Ace- Jimmy you’ve had so many adventures, and I’ve been a witness to some, and heard about the can you share one?

P.S. He did and it was just hilarious, but I was sworn not to repeat it. (Sorry). But here is one that he shared with me years ago…

He met with a husband and wife for a design consult, went back to his studio put together a presentation, and then back to their home where he spent four hours presenting concepts for the entire house which they loved it..(of course). The couple mentioned that they only wanted to make a change to the lighting in the dining room but were ready to move forward. Jimmy went back a few days later to collect the check only to find that they had completely vacated the premises, and were long gone. Leaving the house completely empty. To this day, he still doesn’t know where the “clients-on- the-lam” went or why.

If you live in the ATL and haven’t visited Stanton Home Furnishings, it is well worth the trip, or if you live elsewhere visit and order from their extensive online inventory. It was an afternoon well spent catching up with an old friend, whose talent has taken him to the very pinnacle of design superdom . His star is still on the rise, and you can be assured that I am going to be vying for a seat in the front row to watch what happens next.


The vignettes at Stanton Home Furnishings are carefully curated for clients to purchase right from the floor. The pillow mix is signature, infused with just the right amount of red…


Rustic, stylish and perfect. It’s hard to believe that this is a retail space, because I really could live here…


I love the blend of worn wood paired with modern stools, and organic accessories. Inspiration for an entry way…


Heavenly hound’s-tooth…


My picture taking skills do little justice to this fresh and “unique with a twist” seating area. It has inspired me to re-think colour combinations.Grey and green Ikat motif pillows paired with vivid orange, and a grey and white chevron,  all add a stylish, textural, impactful layer to this “laid back luxe setting”.


This unexpected mix of teal and citrony green pillows captured my eye immediately. Jimmy has inspired me to stop “playing it safe” with color, and push the envelope.


Traditional, classic with a modern edge….


Off the chain…(including the shelving)…


Need a pillow or two? I did. The lucky ones are to be revealed at a later date. The first person to guess which two made it to Casa B. will win Alexa Hampton’s latest tome. So guess which pair I took home?


Photo/ Christina Wedge, Designer/ Jimmy Stanton

A snapshot of a stunning design by Jimmy Stanton for Atlanta Home & Lifestyles’ Symphony Showhouse. Green love.


Photo/ Christina Wedge

Another view…

The end…

I hope you are enjoying our series, there are many more to come. On Wednesday, it’s going to be a special post about a non-profit for children in foster care. They need your help, and I’ll be letting you know how you can.