So what did I do this weekend? I went to an Atlanta Braves game with the family (the Fashionista looked uber cute in her Braves cap), drove around the neighborhood  in our new golf cart (Yes, it finally arrived and now Mr. B. can drive 10 miles 100 feet to the tennis courts instead of complaining walking). Which means I’ll have to clean out the garage to make room for his cart. My first thought was…how am I going to part with my pillow collection? Well…on Saturday, I came up with a solution. Buy new pillows, which will help me to break the attachment to the old ones. Not just any pillows mind you, but pillows that will last, pillows that will be with me until I the day I die, or until Mr. B. divorces me, and marries someone who doesn’t have a pillow (shoe and handbag) obsession.

Believing in fate, the answer came to me in the form of an invitation which arrived from “The Mercantile” inviting me to a trunk show for a textile/pillow designer, Kari Fisher, who hails from the ATL. Hmm…Mr. B. just got his golf cart, is it time for me to get new pillows? I debated. Should I go? Or miss an opportunity to interview someone who is destined for pillow “Fame-dom”? Of course I went, and it was well worth it. So here is my “Pop-Up” interview with the amazingly talented Kari Fisher.


“The Ace”- So Kari, how did you begin designing pillows?

I’m an Interior Designer by trade, which allowed me to access a lot of fabric showrooms. I love being around fabrics, and I was inspired to come up with my own designs using traditional printing methods.

“The Ace”- Can you tell me a little about your pillows? They are gorgeous by the way.

Thank you! I started with linen. I love linen paired with geometric, organic patterns. Linen is very tactile, I found that flat fabrics drape and feel luxiourious. My patterns are very “geodesic.” The designs are inspired and sometimes driven by what’s taking place in the world of fashion. My patterns will work with alot of different styles, whether it’s “brilliant and bold” or “neutral and elegant.”

“The Ace” – Kari who inspires you?

I am inspired by Dorothy Draper, William Morris and David Hicks. (Evident in the names bestowed on some of the pillow designs like “The Dorothy Rose.)”

An “Ace” side note: Dorothy Draper was known for using bright, exuberant colours, or glamourous black and white combinations. Her influence is evident in Kari’s use of effervescent pinks and oranges, and rich palletes of blacks and greys. The graphic patterns synonomous with David Hicks inspired Kari to create her own unique geometric patterns.

“The Ace”- Kari, you obviously have a creative streak, so what are some of your hobbies?

Painting, needlepoint and block printing. I started painting when I was a child…

‘”The Ace”-Now it’s time to drop a few names…who is the most famous person you’ve worked for?”

I worked for Victoria Hagan when I lived in New York City. (“The Ace”-Wow, that’s impressive).

“The Ace”- If you could offer one piece of design advice to my readers what would it be?

Start with a neutral foundation, and then just change a pillow or two from Spring to Fall. Neutrals also allow you to play with pattern and colour.

“The Ace” – Thanks Kari, now are those pillows on the tan chair for sale?



…and they found their way home to reside on my wing back chairs. A perfect end to a perfect day. The end.

All of Kari’s pillows are hand printed, air dried, heat cured, and then hand-sewn in her studio. The fabrics and patterns are “mean’t to be treasured for years to come.”

If you want to know more about Kari, and her simply fabulous pillow line visit, or if you are a designer or retailer you’ll have an opportunity to visit her at Highpoint this fall. Here is a sampling of the Kari Fisher collection displayed in the positively stunning showroom known as The Mercantile.


via Kari Fisher/

A picture of Kari Fisher, amidst an extravaganza of gorgeous fabrics all hand-blocked with eye-popping patterns.


The Evil Eye” was watching me, and I was glad it did, because I could make a serious investment in Kari’s pillow line…


A sofa resplendent with Kari creations…


 Perfect pillows in graphic, organic and geodesic designs.


Come a little closer…


Not sure what “Bougie” (pronounced boo´-she) means ? “Of a higher class”- derived from the French word “bourgeois”. I love the tongue-in-cheek reference. The pillow behind it reads as a paisley, but it’s actually a stylized fish pattern. Evidence of the creative genius behind this enchanting pillow line.


I’m so mad about plaid...”


The neutral base of the pillows work so well with a multitude of patterns. I was absolutely obsessed with Kari’s animal prints, the elephants, a leopard print, and more.


“A Work in Progress.” Yes, a reminder that we all are…


“Brilliant and bold”, in fashions hottest hues.


Contrasting cording, flange edges, and colours can all be customized.


Kari and her “Creative Muse”/Fellow Designer, Brendon Frasier of Bjork Studios. Both so very talented, and witty! A perfectly enjoyable way to spend my day in the ATL. P.S. A shout out to Brendon on the Leopard print jacket, and you all know how much I love Leopard.

I hope you enjoyed my “Pop-Up” interview with the delightful Kari Fisher. P.S. You’ll never know where I’ll show up next, and it may be a town near you.

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