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by | Nov 21, 2015 | Ace of Entertaining | 4 comments

I’m not Emily Post, Amy Vanderbuilt or even Martha Stewart. But, I think my mother prepped me to be the next greatest home and lifestyle expert. Sadly my only claim to fame is that I can set the perfect table, all while the food is burning on the stove. So if the table looks good is anyone truly going to notice that the meal is half or overcooked? Yes, my mother was the “Queen of Etiquette” and the “Goddess of Good Manners.” While it served me well when I worked in Washington, D.C. (State Dinners at the White House who knew?), I no longer have the need to worry about the placement of my fork and knife after I’m finished with a meal. But, I love the art of fine dining.

Sadly, we won’t be dining with the Queen in the near future, although I always tell my young daughter we will. Which will work until she advances into her teens, and realizes that I don’t know the Queen and we won’t be invited over for dinner. Signifying the unfortunate end of her table manners. Over the holidays, I’ll get out my wedding silver and china and teach my daughter how to set the perfect table. It’s not because we stand on formality in our home, but it’s just that for a few days every year I get to teach my daughter the art of dining….just like my mother taught me.

So if you are challenged in the placement of plates, glasses & silverware here are some reminders of how to set the perfect table over the holiday’s pulled from my personal files…(not all the pictures are pretty, but they certainly are invaluable guides)…


Of course, the holiday’s are always about family & friends, and that alone creates the perfect table…

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