The Event of the Year :: Design Bloggers Conference 2017

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I generally don’t promote events on the blog, but I’ll certainly break a rule or two if it’s something I’m passionate about. Like the Design Bloggers Conference. It’s an event I’ve attended every year since 2012 when it was held in Los Angeles, California during the Oscars (sadly, I didn’t get to attend the Oscars, but there were certainly enough star sightings to make me feel like a Hollywood “insider”). Since then I was fortunate that the Conference was held in my hometown of Atlanta, but this year the “Event of the Year” for designers and bloggers is back where it all began, Los Angeles, California.
While there are certainly many events for the design and blogging industry, I truly believe you have to find a conference that is designed to meet the needs of the ever-evolving landscape of social media & blogging. Whether you are a Designer, Blogger or Designer who blogs this must-attend event is the brainchild of one the foremost experts in media, Adam Japko, CEO & Founder, Esteem Media & The Design Bloggers Conference.
So why do I attend? Not only am I a fervent supporter of the blogging and design community, but I truly feel that it’s critical to stay on the cutting edge of Social Media innovations. It’s what drives our businesses and our brands. The Design Bloggers Conference 2017 is more than just a line-up of well-known speakers at the podium, it provides “a unique opportunity to participate in the intersection of interior design with the world of new media including blogging, social media, and more.”
I’m often asked about how I started as a Blogger, or even how I’m able to make a living as a Blogger and Brand. Well…it all began at the Design Bloggers Conference. And, quite frankly, some of the most critical business and personal relationships I’ve formed have resulted from attending the Design Bloggers Conference. Our industry centers around connectivity, and while we certainly “follow” people on social media, it’s meeting and getting to know people on a personal level that’s crucial to building a strong and supportive network in the design community. I can attend any industry event across the country, and see familiar faces of people that I have met from attending the DBC. I have formed lifelong friendships and made invaluable connections. The DBC provides an opportunity to acquire the valuable tools needed to build our brands & business in the world of new media, and a chance to form key relationships which will extend far beyond the Conference.
And that is why I attend every single year…
I hope you’ll join me if you haven’t already signed up for the “Event of the Year,” at the historic Beverly Hilton. They have special rates available until March 2nd, and it’s never too late to join one of the most influential groups of bloggers, designers & interior design writers in the industry! Click here for more information…
Image/ Beverly Hilton
  • Design bloggers – individuals, small businesses, associations, or other organizations
  • Interior design writers
  • Design enthusiasts or aspiring interior designers
  • Interior designers
  • Suppliers to the luxury home design community


  • Instagram Marketing
  • Cultivating the Relationships Between Brands and Bloggers
  • The Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Visibility of Social Media Marketing in the Interior Design and Architecture World
  • The Evolving Role of Blogging in Business Marketing
  • Blogger and Brand Collaborations: Speaking the Secret Language of Lasting Collaborations
  • Navigating Google Analytics for Your Blog or Website
  • How to Build Your Business Through Inbound Marketing
  • What You Should Know About Search and Analytics

and SO much more!!!!”Discover how to build a stellar personal brand for yourself, your blog, and your design career. Explore how to build and engage your audience with information and inspiration on multiple platforms, using a variety of business models and marketing channels. Collaborate with potential advertisers, make critical connections, meet the icons of the design blogosphere and traditional media, and learn about exciting new products.” Big things are right around the corner with this year’s Design Bloggers Conference 2017! Mark your calendar for March 5th-7th. 

Continuing the momentum from past conferences, each year’s game moves up a notch with an action packed agenda action full of some of the biggest big names in the industry along with incredible networking opportunities. This year’s keynote speaker lineup is star-studded: From Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, “Design Superstar”-Ken Fulk (you can see my recent interview with Ken here), Brooke & Steve Gianetti of Gianetti Home, “Design Icon”-Timothy Corrigan to the ever fabulous James Swan of the Million Dollar Decorating podcast…
I’ll hope to see you there! For more information about the conference click here
Until next time…