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About 20 years ago (has it really been that long?), I was introduced to a company called Miele. I had gone back to college part time while working full time. I was a “later in life” re-entry into the collegiate world, and joined an on-campus group called the “Returning Women.” In this group were older (but not that old, I was in my 20’s) women who had also had a commitment to higher education. It was here that I met a woman (she was American) who had returned from Sweden, along with her husband (he was Swedish) and two children. They were wealthy, cultured and well traveled (she wore pearls and two carat diamond earrings to class). We became fast friends, and invitations to their stately home in the Hudson Valley region of New York were frequent. Then THE invitation of a lifetime came. Did I want to stay at their house while they spent the summer at their lake home in Sweden? Say what? And leave the comfort of my cozy, compact, brownstone in Albany, NY? But wait…they have a pool, housekeeper, and seven bedrooms. To play a little coy, I said I would think about it for a few days, so the next day I called and said “Sure, I think so.” (I didn’t want them to think I was too eager). Me-“What about laundry?” (Valid question since they had a laundry service) Her-” The housekeeper will do it, we just bought a new washer and dryer from Germany.” Of course they did. Have you guessed the brand yet? Yes, it was Miele. The units were sleek and modern looking, and every time I walked by the laundry room the metallic sheen caught my eye like a piece of fine jewelry. I was so impressed with the brand that I’ve carried that memory around with me for two decades.


Miele’s logo incorporating the slogan “Immer Besser”meaning “forever better.”

When I accepted the invitation from Veronika Miller of Modenus, to attend #BlogTour NYC, and subsequently seeing Miele’s name listed under sponsors, I knew it would be an eye-opening four days. So on Day 3 of  #BlogTour NYC  we spent an afternoon with House of Brinson hosted at Miele, where we were given tips in food styling and photography. This learning session was followed by a memorable gourmet dinner  with world-renowned Chef Cedric Vongerichten (so charming), the former all cooked and baked on Miele ovens and stoves (thought I should clarify). The succulent meats were made even more juicy via the Miele steam oven, the sea bass & lamb were simply the best I have ever tasted due in part to the Chef and the remainder to the Miele appliances. Yes, this impressive company is the true pioneer in “Steam Oven Technology,” and has perfected the art of steam cooking (over a decade ago) as evidenced in the mouth-watering dishes served.  Even I tasted the difference, and I consider myself to have a moderately discriminate palate. The idea that you never have to serve food overcooked and dry should appeal to the “foodie” and mainstream cook alike (such as moi’).

There are certainly an abundance of cooking shows catering to the gourmand, and while the dishes look visually appealing and mouth-watering, I’m not sure it would be possible without appliances that assure us of just that. Here are some features that I think are positively revolutionary; Over 100 automated programs for meats, vegetables, and grains are included in the ovens food driven menu system. The oven also has 5 specialty Miele Master Chef Gourmet Programs for Turkey, Chicken, Baby-Back Ribs, Salmon & Beef Tenderloin. (Yes, even I could become the unsung hero of my kitchen). These programs incorporate slow cooking techniques using low cooking temps and longer cooking times resulting in juicy, tender dishes (I’m a witness). So I’ll let that marinate for a minute before moving on to the visual experience…


 Photo courtesy of Miele


 Photo courtesy of Miele

“Truffle Brown” is the newest addition to the Miele appliance line. As stated by Miele “This is a modern interpretation of a classic theme. The brown glass fascia is reminiscent of smooth decadent chocolate…” I couldn’t agree more, and who doesn’t positively love chocolate?


 Photo credit-Vicki Bolick/ The Ace of Space Blog

Scott Stultz headed the creation of Ruskin by Rutt  Cabinetry, and is shown here in front of the Brilliant White oven from Miele housed inside an appliance armoire. Of which, I was totally enamored with…


 Photos courtesy of Miele

The Combi-Steam ovens, come in several finishes-Brilliant White & Truffle Brown, allowing the appliances “to blend with many different styles and cabinet finishes.” Versatility is such a key factor when choosing appliances.


 Photo courtesy of Miele

Miele is synonymous with “Intelligent Design,” and the oven features an award winning lift-up control panel. Hidden behind the panel are water and condensate containers which will lift up to allow access to the water reservoirs during the cooking process  insuring consistency.


Photo courtesy of Vicki Bolick/ The Ace of Space Blog

Why am I showing you an inside view? Because once the cooking is finished, clean up will be quick and simple due in part to the flush profile of the door (I can hear a collective sigh of relief from cooks everywhere). This photo was taken at the Architectural Digest Show where Miele had a showroom displaying the latest and greatest in kitchen technology.  I was honoured to have an opportunity to spend time with a company that not only believes in “Immer Besser,” but also into making our lives better. My friend in Sweden? She’s still using Miele, and it looks like it’s time for a long overdue visit.

As a side note: Modenus’s BlogTour NYC was sponsored by DXV, Miele, Ruskin by Rutt, Blanco & Prizer Hoods, while I did not receive monetary compensation, my trip was paid in full by our sponsors and Modenus. Of course, the musings and opinions are entirely my own.

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