Is lateness a sign of genius? I think so. Truth be told, I’m late for everything. Why? Because, I always lose track of time…I was late for school, (thanks, Mom you started it!), late for dates, late for dinner, and late for my own wedding. Where does the genius come in? Well…I’m still working on figuring that out, but I feel a lot more comfortable thinking that it may be a sign of cranial brilliance.

Of course, to add another layer to my chronic lateness, I always feel this overwhelming need to perform just one last task before I walk out the door (Yes, the ever present “Superwoman Syndrome”). Mr. B. has implemented “Mystery Time” in our house. He never tells me the exact time we are supposed to be somewhere, it’s always a mystery and only he knows the real “when.” Do I try to outwit, outfox and attempt to out-do him? Absolutely. Because now he’s made it into a challenge and who doesn’t like to win?

So this weekend I was late for photography class, why? Because I couldn’t find the keys to my car. Where were they? In the back pocket of the jeans I washed. Seriously, why wouldn’t they be there? This made me late for the rest of the day, then I had a friend call and say she couldn’t make lunch because she was running late (of course, I betowed upon her massive amounts of sympathy). Yes, if anyone could understand “lateness” it would be moi´. Stuck in the ATL in the pounding rain, I decided to immediately go to my back-up plan. Which was to shop, not for Tory Burch or Kate Spade, but for Casa B. Why? Mr. B. wants to have a Christmas Party this year. Not a small one, but a holiday extravaganza. One where I’ll be sweating all night worried someone is going to use my mohair chairs as a napkin, or use my custom leather ottomans as coasters. One where I’ll be organizing the closets, in the event someone thinks the doors lead to the bathroom, or better yet because they have a “Mrs. Cravet-esque” desire to snoop. Yes, even I am guilty of that.

So the first store I went to on this dreary rainy Saturday was a seriously chic little shoppe called “Peridot West.” (By the way this is the reason I was late for dinner with friends that evening), I simply couldn’t get enough photos of the mouth-dropping vignettes. I still didn’t capture all the magnificence that is Peridot West, owned by the fabulous Dina Woodruff. But, here is a small sampling of a store which is nothing short of a “A Wonderland of Design Inspiration.”


Pillows in colours perfect for fall. Side tables that are so very chic. Which one am I considering? The Greek Key (R), which may end up in a guest room just in time for the holiday extravaganza.


Could this be considered “Coastal Lodge?”


The pure definition of “Atlanta Style,” organic, natural fabrics mixed with a touch of glam.


I am obsessed with table-top styling, and the fabric covered books add just the right amount of pizzazz. P.S. There were a trio of Zebra embossed cowhide books that I am still dreaming about…


A pile of pillow prose.


Ah…those Southern nights, which require a front porch swing, and loads of cushy pillows (maybe even a Mint Julep, or two).


Let’s hear it for the “ole red, white and blue.” A colour combo perfect for a seaside retreat.

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