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We all know that the COTY (color of the year) in 2015, is Marsala. It’s been dissected, debated and dissed causing quite a firestorm on social media. I’m on the fence as you know, and I probably would have chosen something a little different. Like blue. A deep rich blue, like the depths of the Indian Ocean, but, unfortunately, no one asked. So instead I’ve decided its TACOTY (The Ace Color of the Year), and it’s going to be hot. At least it will be at Casa B., the design lab. Yes, we have agreed to redo another room for a brand that we will be collaborating with. So this is where blue is going to take a starring role. I dream of blue bookcases, and I’ve been accumulating a lot of evidence. All to sway the opinion of Mr. B., and I think that I’ve armed myself with some spectacular examples of why our bookcases should be painted blue. In fact, I once had a clients man-cave painted deep indigo blue, we kept the bookcases a “sagey” green, and added some tartan plaid Ralph Lauren carpet. Even though I’m not a traditionalist I can honestly say I loved that space. As a designer (on hiatus for the Blog), I would say that there is a sub-conscious desire to give our clients elements that we secretly wish we had in our home. It’s true. Looking back, I can say that I lived a portion of my dreams in each space I designed.

As a designer, I would say there is a sub-conscious desire to give our clients certain elements that we secretly wish we had in our own home.”

- Vicki Gladle Bolick

So back to the client with the indigo walls, his wife happened to be a librarian and had the books in alphabetical order. I didn’t know that until after I styled the shelves. Yes, with my designer’s eye I decided to arrange them by color and height, hiding her husband’s college memorabilia & peanuts behind the books so by the time they returned home the shelves look pretty amazing. Unfortunately, as I said she had all those books in alphabetical order, needless to say, they had a great sense of humour. Lesson learned, “ask first, arrange later.” On a side note,: I did help to put them back in their original order.

The wall colour in my former clients home is something that we’ve used a bit in Casa B., but I want to incorporate it in a big way. So with navy as a trend colour this year (did it ever go away?), I foresee it making an appearance in our home. Seriously, blue is the new black. I’m positively obsessed, and since I have committed to make-over another room in our home, I’m going to use it. Except I’m using a new philosophy at Casa B., “Paint first, ask later.” Have you ever heard a husband say, “I’m not in love with that colour, so I’m going paint over it this weekend.” In fact, they would rather live with our design mistakes then take the time to correct it. Am I right? So if you love something, just do it. Our new motto for 2015.

When I show you some positively stunning examples of blue bookcases, I’m sure you’ll agree that Indigo is the only way to go.


via housebeautiful.com

This room is stunning from the velvet blue sofas to the wallpapered ceiling…


via the decoist.com

Do I see Marsala paired with Indigo Blue?


via HGTV.com

Blue with yellow accents the perfect pairing…


 Designers/ Eric Cohler & Jennifer Mason

There are a lot of people who try lacquer but none as successfully as this duo.


Thom Filicia

I know I’m biased when it comes to Thom (we’re from the same hometown), but this room is just “beyond”  in blue.


Credit/ Jennifer Latimer

I love gold around my wrist and it’s also absolutely perfect as an accent paired with indigo.


 via amesburyroadinteriors.com

This is the perfect play of pattern and shades of blue.


via traditionalhome.com

I love the contrast of the well-worn leather books against the deep blue of the bookcase…

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Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015 :: Marsala

I waited a full 48 hours to let Marsala “breath” before I voiced an opinion on the “Color of the Year.” I had gotten a heads-up a few days ago, so I had time to consider my feelings about Pantone’s intriguing choice. At first I was a little shocked, what about blue? Did they get the year wrong, a misprint? Did someone confuse 2015 with 1960? I thought it was going to be a deep shade of blue. My favorite color.

So I was sitting pretty until Monday, and then an email came. As a well-known prankster, I was convinced that one of my design contemporaries had decided it was payback time. Until Tuesday, when I knew that it wasn’t just a bad joke. I thought about this color, which reminded me of Molly Ringwald’s Karmann Ghia in “Pretty In Pink,” (I still dream of that car). Then I came to the realization, is Marsala really that bad? I think not, once the initial shock wore off I find myself a little giddy with excitement. Let’s face it, we are over Griege, Beige, and Sage. Tones of reddish, brown have been around for a while, we just didn’t put a label on it. I like wine and I like Marsala. I’m going to like it as a shade of lipstick, a nail color, and truth be told, I’ve already snuck a few pillows and a throw into our ” Safari Chic” family room. It pairs well with deeper more rich shades, and frankly I’ve caught myself daydreaming about a luxurious sofa covered in Marsala crushed velvet, or as an accent wall. It’s growing on me.

Before we hold our ground and refuse to budge on this color that is muddying the waters of design, let’s give it a chance. Here’re some reasons why you should:

1) It won’t show dirt.

2) You can spill wine on it, and who will know?

3) Your grandmother will love it; seriously she will, and also she can have a nice little trip down memory lane. Free of charge.

4) It gives us something to debate in the world of interior design; we haven’t been this fired up since Restoration Hardware sent out a 15 pound stack of catalogs. You couldn’t even kick them to the curb…literally.

5) The color makes us look good. It does…Marsala lipstick in warm shades of reddish brown? Enough said.

So before we decide it’s not for us, let’s just give it a little chance. We forgave Restoration Hardware didn’t we? 

Here are some of my favorite images showcasing the latest “Color of the Year…”


 via Studio Annette-Romeo Sozzi

I can’t imagine the sofa in any other colour…


 via confettigarden.com

The pairing of Marsala with deeper shades of grey creates depth and dimension…


via Popassadico

Rich & luxe pairings of Marsala & Greys..


Via Elle Decor

Even in pattern I think this rich tone of reddish brown is going to bring much needed depth to design.


via Capella Kinchloe

Well known designers have knowingly used shades of Marsala, what’s not to love?


via Lily Bunn

Even young designers have found a way to incorporate vintage-y shades of Marsala…

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Design Trends 2015 :: Blue

It’s a flurry of activity over here at Casa B. the bathroom remodel has begun. It’s been two years in the works, and quite frankly I wish that we had negotiated a two-week stay at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead, or better yet Lake Oconee. Let’s face it there is nothing more painful than a bathroom or kitchen remodel, except maybe a root canal. Or finding out that my favorite pair of Tory Burch boots were sold out in my size. (That was painful). But, seriously nothing comes close to living under a shroud of drywall dust for three weeks. The final result will be fabulous, complete with some up-to-date fixtures. Not trendy, but timeless. Which brings up the point of trends, and more specifically what design trends we can expect moving forward into 2015. A few I already predicted like Olive Green paired with Orange, which is featured in this post- www.thecomebackkid.com. Muddy colors are making a resurgence in palettes reminiscent of the muted tones in a Renaissance painting. Then there are metals, but don’t mix them because in 2015 mixing gold and silver is going to be a “no-no.” Which is fine with me, because I think metals in the same tone seem like they belong together (like wine and chocolate) rather than mixing that seems just a tad contrived. Colours, like blue, greens and grey’s are going to be diluted and understated in nuanced neutrals. What about white kitchens? They’re out like factory carts as coffee tables (who didn’t see that coming?). Someday, I’ll devote an entire post to those products that should never have happened, why? Because once the trend is over you may find yourself with a 3-4K investment that you sell for pennies on the dollar…(sadly) at a garage sale. I usually tap dance around a trend, unless it has serious “legs.”

What about color? I used to think I was the only one in the northern hemisphere that had a blue sofa, until I saw that blue was going to be hot next year. Now I feel like I’m going to be a part of the “it crowd.” This makes me feel very happy, and also I feel like somewhat of a trend-setter. I have always loved blue. So knowing it’s going to be the year of “blue” in 2015 makes me want to sit back and enjoy the ride from the comfort of my beloved sky-blue sofa. What are some sure bets for 2015? Well..over the next five posts, I’ll be covering the trends that I think having staying power. Hopefully, they won’t end up a sad reminder of mis-spent dollars…but for now I’m sharing the “muy caliente” color for 2015.


 Photos/ Via Eclectic Trends


Image credit/ Kirsten Kelli Interior Designs

This interior leaves me breathless from the walls panels painted in azure tones to the gold accents, and what room wouldn’t be complete without a little leopard?


Image credit/ Cynthia Mason Interiors

Yes, this is an office. Classic, timeless & blue. Stunning…


Image credit/ Mecox Gardens-Dallas

Totally turquoise.  Let’s simply enjoy the view…


Image credit/ Kelly Werstler

Red, white & oh-so-stunning blue.


Image Credit/ Betsy Burnham Design

Layers, upon layers of beautiful blues…I don’t think that Ms. Burnham has ever designed anything that I wasn’t positively infatuated with…


Image Credit/ Vicki Gladle Bolick

Finally, my sofa colour is going to be hot, hot, hot in 2015. This is where I curl up at the end of a long day…


Photo Credit/ Michele James

This room wrapped in blue is in the home of Lighting Designer, Michele James and it’s one of the most creative spaces ever designed for a seven year old..


Photo Credit/ Port 68

The wall colour reminds me of the Aegean sea….and I’m happy to say we’ll be seeing alot of it in 2015.

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