Design Trends 2015 :: Hot Metals

Is anyone out there? At least anyone who isn’t attending High Point Market, WestEdge Design Fair or the D&D Building in NYC? Yes, it’s a busy time of year if you’re a designer or a Design Blogger. Where am I? Right here snug inside Casa B, soaking in the fall weather and enjoying a nice cup of Java while looking out over Greens Pond. Minus sore feet. Okay, that’s not entirely true, because I have been walking up and down three flights of stairs like it was a scene from “Groundhog Day” over and over (bringing up the boxes of tile). Yes, the saga of the bathroom remodel continues, complete with design disasters. All fixable, all aggravating, and all making me wish that I could have drowned my sorrows at the closest Neiman Marcus shoe department. So that’s what is keeping me from attending any of the signature events happening right now. Combine that with the fact that I am in the midst of a hush-hush project (involving a film crew and a network) and you’ll find me grounded right here in Cumming, GA.

As with any “disasters of the design kind,” there is Plan B. It was a week that had me thankful that I became a full-time Design Blogger, as I told someone this week, I love the process of design, it’s the execution that I’m not fond of. So if you are working with a Designer, be kind, because it’s truly one of the most frustrating and at times “thankless” jobs. Everything can and will go wrong, and it does. But, what won’t be going wrong are some of the Design Trends-2015. Like the color blue seen in my last post or hot metals…which will be warmer in the new year including brass or warmer shades of gold. These hot metals will pair nicely with some of the colors trending. Yes, it’s going to be a season of copper, brass and warmer toned golds. Making me wish I had never thrown out my brass accessories from years ago only after I tried to treat them with a solution to make them age (a bad DIY decision). A little can go a long way to giving a room a bit of dramatic flair…so here are some inspiration photos to heat things up in your home…


Design Board/ Courtesy- Lisa Gabrielson

Lisa sent this to me after I saw it on Instagram. It is the perfect example of how to incorporate gold into an interior space. Of course, you may remember that Lisa was one of my “Top Ten Southern Tastemakers” (Tastemaker Series)this past summer. This designer has natural god-given talent. You can follow her here:


Photo credit/ Megan Winters

Black and white is the perfect color scheme to introduce a little gold…Megan happens to be the recipient of my latest designer obsession. She pushes the design envelope in a way that is nothing short of refreshing.



A little gold in an entryway introduces sheer metallic perfection.



I love to entertain (which is why we are starting a new section-The Ace of Entertaining)…this gold table setting is simply timeless.



Black, gold and drama in this masculine office…


 Photo credit/ Cetra Ruddy

If you haven’t seen the work of Cetra you Gold is a chameleon that can also add dramatic flair to light, neutral pallettes.


via decorizilla.jpg

This kitchen is gold, glossy & sexy…

Stay tuned for the third in the series on Monday…all about what’s cooking in the kitchen for 2015.

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Design Trends 2015 :: Blue

It’s a flurry of activity over here at Casa B. the bathroom remodel has begun. It’s been two years in the works, and quite frankly I wish that we had negotiated a two-week stay at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead, or better yet Lake Oconee. Let’s face it there is nothing more painful than a bathroom or kitchen remodel, except maybe a root canal. Or finding out that my favorite pair of Tory Burch boots were sold out in my size. (That was painful). But, seriously nothing comes close to living under a shroud of drywall dust for three weeks. The final result will be fabulous, complete with some up-to-date fixtures. Not trendy, but timeless. Which brings up the point of trends, and more specifically what design trends we can expect moving forward into 2015. A few I already predicted like Olive Green paired with Orange, which is featured in this post- Muddy colors are making a resurgence in palettes reminiscent of the muted tones in a Renaissance painting. Then there are metals, but don’t mix them because in 2015 mixing gold and silver is going to be a “no-no.” Which is fine with me, because I think metals in the same tone seem like they belong together (like wine and chocolate) rather than mixing that seems just a tad contrived. Colours, like blue, greens and grey’s are going to be diluted and understated in nuanced neutrals. What about white kitchens? They’re out like factory carts as coffee tables (who didn’t see that coming?). Someday, I’ll devote an entire post to those products that should never have happened, why? Because once the trend is over you may find yourself with a 3-4K investment that you sell for pennies on the dollar…(sadly) at a garage sale. I usually tap dance around a trend, unless it has serious “legs.”

What about color? I used to think I was the only one in the northern hemisphere that had a blue sofa, until I saw that blue was going to be hot next year. Now I feel like I’m going to be a part of the “it crowd.” This makes me feel very happy, and also I feel like somewhat of a trend-setter. I have always loved blue. So knowing it’s going to be the year of “blue” in 2015 makes me want to sit back and enjoy the ride from the comfort of my beloved sky-blue sofa. What are some sure bets for 2015? Well..over the next five posts, I’ll be covering the trends that I think having staying power. Hopefully, they won’t end up a sad reminder of mis-spent dollars…but for now I’m sharing the “muy caliente” color for 2015.


 Photos/ Via Eclectic Trends


Image credit/ Kirsten Kelli Interior Designs

This interior leaves me breathless from the walls panels painted in azure tones to the gold accents, and what room wouldn’t be complete without a little leopard?


Image credit/ Cynthia Mason Interiors

Yes, this is an office. Classic, timeless & blue. Stunning…


Image credit/ Mecox Gardens-Dallas

Totally turquoise.  Let’s simply enjoy the view…


Image credit/ Kelly Werstler

Red, white & oh-so-stunning blue.


Image Credit/ Betsy Burnham Design

Layers, upon layers of beautiful blues…I don’t think that Ms. Burnham has ever designed anything that I wasn’t positively infatuated with…


Image Credit/ Vicki Gladle Bolick

Finally, my sofa colour is going to be hot, hot, hot in 2015. This is where I curl up at the end of a long day…


Photo Credit/ Michele James

This room wrapped in blue is in the home of Lighting Designer, Michele James and it’s one of the most creative spaces ever designed for a seven year old..


Photo Credit/ Port 68

The wall colour reminds me of the Aegean sea….and I’m happy to say we’ll be seeing alot of it in 2015.

Over the next week, I’ll be covering the rest of my “Trend Picks” for 2015. For more inspiration and design happenings follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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A Christmas Wish List :: UnCommonGoods

It’s almost time for “caroling in the snow” (or sand if you live at the beach), decking out the Christmas tree, holiday parties, sitting by the yuletide logs and general holiday merriment. Followed (or proceeded) by a feeling of panic, because the majority of the population is involved in a conversation with a friend or loved one that is all too familiar “What do you want for Christmas?” With a dreaded response. “I don’t know get me anything.” Sometimes it’s an even more complex answer of “Just surprise me.” We all know what happens when we “surprise”someone, it ends up as a “Secret Santa” gift next Christmas. Then an all too familiar feeling of panic sets in, what do you get the person who doesn’t want or need anything for Christmas? Well, a few weeks ago I was contacted by UnCommonGoods asking if I would do a product review for the holidays. They could very well be the answer to the all too common holiday syndrome of “Christmas Present Angst”, because UnCommonGoods has holiday “home-runs” for everyone. As most of you are aware, I love to shop so pair that with an opportunity to partner with a retailer that features unique designs and handcrafted gifts and consider me “sold.”UnCommonGoods was founded in Brooklyn, NY (I love NY!) and they run their operations out of the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal. In fact, if you are ever in NY they offer Studio Tours, which gives you a look inside the work-spaces and minds of their artists and designers. They even allow you inside their creative studio. So the next time I’m in NY, I’ll be hailing a cab straight to their front door.

This unique company believes in using their business to “impact the world in a positive way.” In a world where so many goods are mass produced it’s refreshing to see an organization that empowers local artists and designers to develop their businesses through events such as “How to Make it Happen.” UnCommonGoods has also formed Non-Profits that support critical initiatives such as “American Forests and “Reach Out and Read,” to name just a few. With offerings that range from jewelry to home goods, I was faced with the daunting task of coming up with some “picks” in time for the holiday season, so I wanted to share with you some of the “unique designs and handcrafted gifts” that you will find at UnCommonGoods ( They made my job very easy, and making a decision on what to highlight very hard. Yes, so many choices and so little time until Christmas… uncommongoods

Just a few of my many favorites for the man in your life, or even woman. For more gift ideas visit 1) Camera Bookends-made from Vintage Cameras, each one of a kind. 2) Hybrid Wall Clock-made from using mirror like discs from recycled or discarded computers. 3) Ballpark Prints-prints on archival paper from some of the most famous ball-parks in the U.S. 4) Driftwood iPhone Docking Station. 5) Gold Leaf up-cycled beer bottle tumbler set. (I’m obsessed with these)…

UnCommonGoodsforher1Some perfect ideas for the woman in your life- wife, friend or girlfriend…for more fabulous ideas visit These are just a few that I thought would make that “special someone” very, very happy…1) A European inspired street scene becomes a desk accessory. 2) Agate Desk Clock. 3) Gold Leaf Wine Glass Set. 4) Vintage Camera Pillows-Original photos by Ronda J. Smith printed on sateen. 5) My Life Story-Thought provoking prompts to spark a colorful memory.


Need a hostess gift? I love the thought of bringing some really unique gifts to the party. Visit 1) Gold Leaf Stemless Gold Leaf Wine Glass Set. 2) Ombre Stemless Wine Glasses-each is hand-blown from recycled glass. 3) Agate Coasters. 4) Double Tiered Serving Tray (made from teak root). 5) Stainless Steel Bread Box-the beechwood lid flips over to do double duty as a wooden cutting board.

Although, we received compensation for this post (as always) every opinion is uniquely and entirely our own.

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So I hope you are inspired to shop early, and pick something UnCommon over the holidays…

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